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Grand Medical is a modern medical center that, together with leading specialists in the field, provides quality healthcare using contemporary solutions! The Grand Medical clinic offers various diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, as well as aesthetic medicine services. Our clinic's main priority is patient health, so patients can receive necessary assistance even outside the Grand Medical clinic. Our family doctor will visit you and promptly provide the necessary help. Our professional staff will do everything possible to ensure that after visiting the Grand Medical clinic, you become healthier and more beautiful!

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Service Menu
  • Family doctor consultation €30.00

    Family doctor home visit €60.00

    Holter monitoring, home visit €80.00 – €90.00

    Cardiologist consultation €70.00

    Neurologist consultation €70.00

    Oncologist chemotherapy specialist consultation €60.00

    Otolaryngologist (ENT) consultation €50.00

    Aesthetic medicine specialist consultation €35.00

    Psychotherapist consultation €50.00

    Physiotherapist consultation €30.00

Cardiac research
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) €15.00

    Holter monitoring €60.00

    Echocardiography (ECHOCG) €65.00

    Dopplerography of the vessels of the head (DUPLEX) €45.00

    Dopplerography of the vessels of the neck (DUPLEX) €45.00

    Dopplerography of the vessels of the head and neck (DUPLEX) €85.00

Ultrasonography (USG)
  • Physiotherapist individual consultation €30.00

    Physiotherapy sessions €25.00

    Kinesiological taping €20.00

    TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) €10.00

  • Physiotherapy consultation €30.00

    Individual sessions with a physiotherapist €25.00

    Kinesiology taping €20.00

    TENS Transcutaneous (transcutaneous) electrical neurostimulation €10.00

Therapeutic exercise classes in groups
  • Therapeutic exercise in groups €10.00

    Therapeutic exercise for the cervical spine and shoulder girdle €10.00

    Therapeutic exercise for geriatric and cardiology patients €10.00

    Therapeutic exercise for the lumbar spine €10.00

    Therapeutic exercise for a “healthy back” €10.00

  • Classic therapeutic massage €30.00

    Sports massage €30.00

    Segmental reflexology massage €40.00

    Full-body massage €55.00

Aesthetic medicine
  • Botulinum toxin injections starting from €180

  • Juvederm and Neauvia filler injections starting from €180

  • NITHYA collagen injections for face and body €150.00

    Enzyme therapy with PB SERUM €280.00

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