Cardiologist Consultation

A cardiologist consultation is the first step towards precise diagnosis and the application of a successful and effective treatment method. The cardiologist reviews the patient’s medical history, conducts a physical examination, and listens to the patient’s complaints, which helps arrive at possible diagnoses and develop a subsequent action plan. With echocardiography, it is possible to determine:

You can schedule appointments with certified cardiologists Jeļena Šafro and Irina Mitkeviča in the clinic. This can be conveniently done by filling out the application form below, clicking on the “Piearsta.lv” button (authorization through the www.piearsta.lv portal), or by calling us at 255 89 505. Various health insurance policies are accepted for paid consultations and treatment.

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Useful Information

We have compiled frequently asked questions about consultations with cardiologists, and we hope that this information will be helpful to you. It will help you understand the course of these consultations.

What to bring to the consultation?

All previous examinations and test results, if any, should be brought along for the cardiologist to review your medical history.

How does a cardiologist consultation proceed?

During the consultation, the cardiologist listens to the patient’s complaints and examines the documents brought along with the medical history (if any). Then, the cardiologist conducts a physical examination and assessment, explains various risk factors for heart disease, and develops an examination plan to evaluate the severity of possible diagnoses and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

Cost of a cardiologist consultation:

• Initial Cardiologist Consultation €60
• Repeated Cardiologist Consultation €50

Do you have any more questions?

Please call us at +371 255 89 505, and we will assist you.